Paradise Seeker

Paradise Seeker SJK

What is Paradise and where can I find it?

Paradise is our attitude at SJK The Label. While we love to see you in our items, we think there’s much more to it than that.

 The best part is, Paradise can be found everywhere. If you have a positive and kind heart, we believe Paradise is what you make it. This could be the pebbled sand of Positano, the aqua blue ocean of the Greek Islands, the bustling markets of Marrakesh Medina, the picturesque mountains of New Zealand, a local food and wine festival or simply the beautiful sanctuary of your own home.

 Here at SJK, we believe pursuing a positive outlook on life is the key to finding Paradise anywhere you are.

'The best things in life aren't things...."

It’s all about simplifying life. Stopping and appreciating what we do have, not what we don’t.

 Collecting memories and sharing moments with the people we love and care about is the life we live at SJK The Label, and with our pieces as your inspiration, we invite you to do the same.

Join us in making everyday a holiday xx