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100% Hand made and dyed Merino Wool

This classic Berber rug has intrinsic geometric and iconographic designs encompassing the daily Berber life in a single art piece with scenes of donkeys and goats playing in the fields amoungst the different native flora. Highlighted through natural tones with beige, lavender, cream, blue and teal accents. It would be perfect as a dining room, living room or bedroom area rug or a feature wall hanging. I think It would make an amazing bed head!

-Dimensions: 2.03 x 1.55m

-Handmade by craftmark-certified local women and widows.

-100% high pile merino wool.

-Hand-braided tassels on both ends.

-Hand knotted.

-Shedding is common with new wool rugs and will diminish over time.

-Hand dyed.

-Completed 25 August 2015

-Professional cleaning only.

On my travels through Morocco I fell in love with the Berber culture and local craftsmanship or Amazighen, the ethnic indigenous and the descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa.

These traditional Moroccan Berber Rugs are handcrafted from Australian and New Zealand merino wool with a knot count of about 100 knots per square inch by local women. Soft and elegant underfoot these versitile rugs are double sided. They have what is called a “Summer” and a “Winter” side. As the seasons change you traditionally flip your rug from the fluffy vibrant warm side for winter to the short woven cool side for summer. 

The quality is guaranteed by the Moroccan government controlled cooperative that works closely with the wholesaler I sourced them from who tag/stamp each rugs. This ensures not only the authenticity of the rugs but also ensures the local women making these beautiful pieces of art get paid and treated fairly for their works. Each rug is a one off unique master piece, no two rugs will ever be the same. 

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