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Summer is everything we love about Paradise Seeking.

There's just something magical about a slow Summer's day, with good music, good food, good company and of course, a good location.

So, in the spirit of Summer, we thought we'd compile a list of just a few of the most breath-taking beaches around Australia for you to embrace Paradise Seeking these coming months. Since SJK the Label was founded on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we like to think we're pretty educated when it comes to charming spots for your next beach day.

A tourist hit for a reason, Turquoise Bay is just as lovely as it sounds. Water amongst the clearest in Australia, this isn't a destination you want to miss.

White sand for days, Jervis Bay is less than 3 hours away from Sydney CBD. A divine beach that easily rivals the most famous beaches around the world, without the need for a plane trip!

Western Australia is known for its beautiful beaches for a reason, and photos hardly do Lucky Bay justice. Pictured above, we sure know where we'd like to be spending this Summer...

Home Sweet Home. Sydney's most famous Northern Beach, we couldn't compile a list like this without mentioning Manly. Packed with cafes and cute shopping spots, it's a must visit for Summertime fun.

Be sure to use the hashtag #paradiseseeker so we can see all of your adventures this Summer! Where is your favourite beach destination?!

Love SJK xx

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